Recognise the Risk | Episode 1: Phishing Attacks


Protect your Data from Phishing Attacks video


Security is essential in today IT world and so Data Outsource takes security very seriously, we have partnered with leaders in IT Security, each product tried and tested by our Engineering team and the best selected so we can be sure that each product will perform together to protect your Data, Infrastructure and devices.

Data Outsource partners with MYKI,  the only secure Password Manager, Password Generator and Authenticator designed with privacy in mind. Myki enables you to login to all of your accounts with a fingerprint. Point to point Ultra Secure Encryption.

Myki does not store your passwords in the cloud. Instead, it relies on point to point military grade encryption to securely push your passwords from your phone to your computer. You do not need a master password to use MYKI. Military Grade Encryption, Strong Random Password Generation. MYKI automatically fills two-factor authentication tokens.

Login to any account with your fingerprint. No need to remember your passwords ever again.


  • Password Manager and Authenticator:
  • Store passwords with AES256 and PBKDF2 encryption.
  • No master password to remember. Fingerprint Login.
  • Login on any computer by downloading the browser extension.
  • Login to any account with your fingerprint
  • Auto-fill password in apps and websites.
  • Generate Strong passwords for any account.
  • Share access with your friends and colleagues without sharing the password.
  • Built-in Privacy:
  • Your passwords are not stored in the cloud. (
  • MYKI doesn’t even have access to encrypted passwords.
  • MYKI keeps your passwords safe from hackers and governments.
  • Point to point AES256 PBKDF2 encryption between your phone and your browser.
  • Secure backup of passwords on your computer.
  • Secure backup of passwords on a friends MYKI app.
  • Fingerprint Login:
  • Login to the MYKI app using your fingerprint. No master password.
  • Login to any account with your fingerprint.
  • Use your fingerprint on your phone when logging in on your computer.
  • Secure Access Sharing:
  • Securely share access to your accounts with your friends and colleagues.
  • Hide your passwords from the people you share access with.
  • Revoke shared access with a click of a button to stop sharing access and log out.
  • Remote Logout:
  • Logout from your accounts on your computer using the MYKI app.
  • One click secure logout from the MYKI app.
  • Automatic Two-Factor Authentication:
  • No need for a separate authenticator app such as Google Authenticator or Authy.
  • Sync your 2fa tokens so that you have them in one place.
  • MYKI automatically fills your additional two-factor token for security and convenience.
  • Secure Password Generator:
  • Generate strong and secure passwords.
  • Creates secure passwords that contain letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Never have to create a password ever again.
  • Ultra-Secure Duress Mode:
  • Hide sensitive accounts from people who force you to unlock the MYKI app.
  • Type your duress pin code to hide sensitive accounts from intruders.
  • Additional Security Features:
  • Detect changes in the fingerprints enrolled on your Android and iOS device.
  • Exponential Delays on incorrect pin code input.
  • Keychain enforced encryption of passwords.
  • Automatic Password Changer (Beta):
  • Automatically change passwords of selected accounts.
  • Set a schedule for automatic password changes.
  • MYKI Breach Alerts (Beta):
  • MYKI alerts you when a service gets hacked.
  • Be the first to know when a service is compromised.

For additional functionality from the Enterprise version for your business contact Peter Black at Data Outsource.


Peter Black

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