Dental IT 365

Data Outsource has redefined IT infrastructure with Dental IT 365

Developed exclusively for the Dental Industry using next-generation security practices to ensure all data, applications, systems and productivity are protected against loss and downtime using up-to-the-minute and best-of-breed products and support.

What we do

Our trusted technology, recognised by industry experts, identifies users with an exclusive Cyber Safe® Certification, allowing clients to trust their medical information is secure and safe.

Vulnerability Testing and Certification

Data Outsource has reset the industry standard with our proprietary Cyber Safe® Certification. Using a unique Four Point Security system that identifies and prioritises vulnerabilities across an entire network, Cyber Safe® not only keeps your data safe but also identifies issues before they become a problem.

Cyber Security Protection

Delivered to suit your needs, Data Outsource's precision-engineered Cyber Infrastructure is the preferred choice by dental industry professionals. Our multi-tenant, hyper-converged infrastructure solutions are at the forefront of industry standards with continuous cyber protection.

Cloud Based Services

Protect your business data and software from viruses, theft, fire, flood and general loss with our Cloud Based Services.
Data Outsource runs a state-of-the-art Cloud Based Infrastructure designed to accommodate all Dentistry applications from a secure-Australian based facility.

Our flexible and scalable solutions are backed by a team of experts who provide 24/7 support, so you can rest easy knowing your data is safe and sound.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

Data loss and downtime can be catastrophic to business operations.

The best way to prepare for a disaster is to have a plan. Data Outsource provides an unrivalled integrated solution that combines the most secure on-premise and cloud-based server backup with disaster recovery at the flip of a switch.

Managing your backup and onsite systems means that in a disaster where data and applications are destroyed, Data Outsource can immediately facilitate instant access for Dentists via a complete computer backup via the cloud until replacement infrastructure is purchased and configured.

Remote IT Management

Data Outsource's management software oversees the creation, signature, storage, execution, and review of all contracts within a business. Ensuring that all deliverables are met within the specified timeframes and costs.

Onsite Services

Our national coverage allows us to be onsite anywhere, anytime. From desktop installation to setting up servers, VOIP systems, and more, Data Outsource is here to help. Our range of solutions provides maximum benefit for your business cost-effectively and efficiently.

New Clinic Setup & Consultation

Our dedicated IT Team can take a comprehensive look at your business requirements and create a solution that works for you. 

With years of experience in the industry, we'll evaluate your current infrastructure, map out all cabling, routers and data points to ensure maximum performance, and then configure it to provide the best performance, reliability and security for your business. All post installation documentation and asset registrations are handed over to clients or managed by Data Outsource.

Private Internet Services

Our secure VPN allows you to connect safely, securely, and privately to your entire network. Managed as an end-to-end service with built-in 4G Failover, so you can rest assured that your business will never be offline. And we partner with only the best ISP partner using privately leased fibres to avoid commercial traffic, which means more bandwidth for your team.

Webpage Creation and Management

Need a new website or require a refresh? Data Outsource offers in-house UX/UI Research and Design, Graphic Design, Front End Development, WordPress Development, Design Management and Animation Resources.

IT Equipment Provision and Configuration

We’re here to help you manage your IT equipment. When the need arises for replacement IT assets such as computers or printers, Data Oustource can quickly and efficiently arrange a replacement, ensuring all data is restored, configured and installed for you with minimal disruption to your business.

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