About Us

Data Outsource was formed in 2008 from a need for a IT Managed Service tailored to large retail franchises.

Data Outsource led on to provide Managed services to over 500 locations across Australia and New Zealand.

However, we could see the market moving to more internet-based applications and delivery. So, we adapted our to-market strategy to provide Cloud Based services such as Disaster Recovery and Back Up leading to Virtual Servers.

Today Data Outsource provides services to varied range of Industries from Lawyers to Accountant but also white labelled services to a very established IT Reseller network, providing Service Management and a suite of Industry leading Cloud based services.

Dataoutsource Video

Data Outsource knows the importance of Cyber Security and places this as a priority at the forefront of its technology stack, we have every vulnerability covered.

Our staff and experts, coming from either Microsoft backgrounds or operating their own IT Companies so we not only know how to technically support our clients but also we know how to treat our clients.

Our Vendor partnerships have been selected from years of research trial and error so that today we can provide a product or service from our partner knowing that it is the best in the Industry.

Data Outsource is located in Brisbane CBD and also has an Office one hour from Sydney CBD.