Vulnerability Scan


Stay ahead of the game with state-of-the-art vulnerability testing with the new Four-Point Security Plan by Data Outsource.
The ONLY platform available that automatically identifies and prioritises vulnerabilities across your entire network, keeping your assets safe from cyber criminals and hackers.
Here’s how:

1. Discover
We’ll deep dive into your network using the best-in-breed scanning technologies without disrupting your business.

2. Report
Data Outsource provides a comprehensive report looking at vulnerability assessments, missing patches, required upgrades, installed software, and non-approved software, as well as per asset and company risk scores.

3. Optimise
Our experts will develop a proposal individually tailored to resolve ALL vulnerabilities and configuration issues as well as validate and secure WFH environments.

4. Secure
Point-in-time vulnerability scans are no longer effective. Data Outsource will secure your data and network with CONTINOUS vulnerability and asset monitoring, external scan and testing of attack surfaces

Data Outsource can provide expert engineering support to implement required adjustments in strengthening your security posture or simply take the report and implement the changes with your internal IT team. We’ll provide a follow-up scan to ensure all changes are successful.

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