DataCloud has introduced its new and unique model for cloud tenancy

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DataCloud resellers are able to purchase an entire cloud node for hosting their client’s production data and share the full feature set of the DataCloud network.

This new model brings down the cost of a reseller’s subscription to less than half of any of the large cloud vendors. The immediate assumption is that this is run on low cost or cheap infrastructure that won’t compete. The reality is very different. DataCloud high density nodes are full solid state drive (SSD) and provide the fastest read and write speeds in the industry

DataCloud is a full cloud offering with self-managed orchestration for resellers, a billing gateway, AD and account management. In fact, any feature that you find with any cloud vendor, we are providing.

It works like this

The reseller invests in their own node to assure that their systems are non-contended with other users. They then share, or utilise the features that the DataCloud platform provides, like: HA Failover features, geo location, tier 3 data centres, backup storage, payment gateway, orchestration and network management platform and our engineering services, which DataCloud charges a management fee for.

You can think of it this way says Managing Director; Peter Black, “instead of you renting an apartment in a building where you have no say over the features or appliances your apartment has. You are buying an apartment, so that you can invest in what features it has and who can stay there. You then pay a body corporate fee of sorts, for the greater property giving you utilities and maintenance”.

“We have created this offering as an incentive for Australian resellers to focus on selling their own fully featured cloud, We just happen to provide them with all the necessary tools to manage it themselves.”

The model is simple but makes a lot of sense for integrators and resellers who have felt like they have been giving their traditional business away to the large vendors or are finding it tough to compete on price.

Any resellers interested in this product should contact Channel Manager; Andrew Brabant in our Brisbane Office.

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